You Rock My World War I

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  1. Tha-Emissary

    Black Knight!
    You Rock My World War I

    My enemy
    I know she’s somewhere
    She’s got to be over these two hills
    God I know we can take these hills
    So I charge my way upward
    These steep hill breasts
    To find that they’re two eyes already dug in
    Staring back at me
    I swiftly put my head back between the crevasses of the hills
    To keep my head from being blown off
    Damn I’m outnumbered by Beauty
    Loudly whistle to call my last two platoons
    We going to have to flank her
    I give the signal
    My right platoon
    My arm goes right
    And my left platoon
    My left arm goes left around her
    We crawl like babies through thick jet black grassy savannah hair
    Burned in the heat of the moment
    Hastily we make it to her back
    A trap! Where her Japanese insignia is painted there
    It’s the Red Sun giving birth to a crimson rose of thorns
    I’ve committed suicide
    As she turns her forces face forward
    I yell, “ATACK” whipping my knife out of my pants to cut her
    But she catches the blade between her soft hands dulling it
    Slaps me back like a shotgun into the burning grass
    My left and right platoons are wiped out
    My right arms barely moves
    There’s no escape and I’m caught in the middle of the last two legs of her army
    She taken me
    Striking long dark red nails in my mouth to clamp my tongue from speech
    Whispering what seems like English in my right ear
    “No Scream boy!”
    She lifts me up by my tongue closer
    Laughing as she pulls down her zipper
    Nails suddenly rips out of my tongue
    Madly she licks my blood and saliva off like warm saki
    Yanking my head backwards she re inserts the nails into my forehead
    One by one the wounds sink in
    The Reality sinks in
    I’m not going to make it
    As she has sticks one of breasts grenades in my mouth
    To begin to suffocate me in her arms. I hold strong
    Suck her breasts hard with my teeth to keep from losing my emotions like losing the pin
    But it’s useless
    My lips are snatched from her breast
    By the nails driving my forehead back
    My life, my love, my inhibitions release like a pin ripped rapidly out the grenade
    And my body lies lifeless
    Another casualty of war
    Another casualty of love
    As She blows my mind!
  2. Flookyyy

    Feb 13, 2008
    South Wales, UK.
    The title first captured my attention.. Very inventive :)
    I must say, this isn't usually my sort of thing, but I loved reading this. Extremely well written and keeps the reader's attention throughout. The abstract imagery is just fantstic.
    Nice work :)

    Flook x
  3. butchiesmom

    JPiC Premium VIP Member Premium VIP
    Woohoo! Now that's erotica! I enjoyed reading this, could see everything there and even laughed in a few places (hopefully where you intended me to laugh, lol). I found this erotic, yet funny, I was going to say romantic, well...yes...a little romantic, but so darned erotic!

    You show, don't tell, what's going on and that makes it all the better!

  4. booobooo

    Welcome To SAM's World
    Apr 26, 2008
    New Delhi
    I Like The Style. Very Unique So To Say...
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