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    Jul 24, 2007
    I see the windows of the
    houses at night and when the lights
    are on, I know the people are there
    but yet world’s away
    and I wonder what they do.
    It’s like I remember the neighborhood
    from other lives ago
    and like the streetlights
    were left on for my return.
    In my soul, I remember the
    light that emanates from them
    and it always leads me back
    from somewhere far away,
    another life, another place
    they send me to fade from God
    knows whatever they do when I’m gone.
    In my soul there’s a dark heart
    that has no heartbeat like the heartbeats
    of the houses and home is just a memory.
    I remember the winter cold and
    the windows at night and wishing
    I could be inside, warm with the
    love I know resides within
    but, it’s just me outside looking in,
    from that other place in time,
    cold and old as the winters I leave behind.
    ©Karen Davies
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