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  1. Wasps…
    Around me,
    thousands of wasps circulate.
    Infecting me throughout my whole body,
    Instructing me with their venomous stings.
    Making me feel in sweet glory
    And only with only one sting you’ll have.
    The act of their stings will be instant,
    Like if fire was burning through my veins.
    But their stings have a trick,
    You have to let yourself get stung more.
    If you sting yourself more it turns to addiction,
    The days pass by and you want more and more.
    The wasps circle you,
    Taking each one of them their turn.
    Leaving you immobilized,
    Tired of everything around you.
    The wasps are thirsty for blood,
    The want to leave you in the hollow wall.
    Wanting to give you more stings,
    Yet you let yourself to feel happy.
    Why do these wasps have to surround me?
    Why do I need them to make me feel happy?
    If the wasps aren’t there
    I feel at my worst.
    Yet I keep falling into the same routine,
    It doesn’t make me feel happy anymore.
    Almost every month,
    You are already accustomed to it.
    At the end you don’t want to be stung anymore
    That causes so much grief.
    You want to cast away all those wasps,
    That cause so much pain.
    At the end I closed the window,
    And I got rid of all the wasps.
    I won’t need them anymore,
    Alone I shall feel better.
    I won’t relapse,
    Happens what happens,
    Feeling what I feel
    I will never open that window again…
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    Oct 8, 2013
    Wow. This is beautiful. It could have so many interpretations, self harm, drugs, abusive relationships, et cetera. Amazing.
  3. Thank you!! It was about self harm and/or drugs but it is open to interpretation. :)
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