Thirst for Knowledge

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    "Okay, class! Pay attention! Today is the day when you make your first big decision of your lives. You've had a period each school day since this year started. Now's when you decide. Remember, there are advantages to both sides of what you might decide to do with your life. You can choose to either be an Earner or a Spender. Either way, you'll always have money to buy things with, but as you know..."

    The teacher let her words trail off for a moment to get everyone's attention again. She then said, "Okay, we're going to go over the different points you learned. I want to be sure you understand the decision you're making. Sara, why did the government create the position of Spender?"

    Sara stood and said, "Because of automation. There weren't enough jobs to keep everyone employed."

    "Right," the teacher said, "John, does a Spender do any work?"

    "Hey, John, get your head out! The teach is asking you something," a voice whispered to John.

    John answered from his seat, "I heard her. As you know, if you choose to be a Spender, you only work one month a year at a job of the government's choosing if you're needed. See?"

    The teacher said, "I'm surprised, John. That's correct. Mary, what kinds of jobs do Earners get?"

    Mary stood, her pregnancy beginning to show. She said, "As an Earner, you get to try for any job you can qualify for on the basis of education, age, skill, and so on. You can negotiate for your salary which can never be less than twice what the Spenders receive in a year."

    "Okay, okay, you got it right, Mary. Thank you. You may sit down. Raphael, why do we have to make a decision at the beginning of high school about whether we'll be Earners or Spenders?" asked the teacher.

    Raphael stood, answering, "It's just that the government needs to know so that it will have things in place when you graduate."

    The teacher said, "Good enough, Raphael. Louise, why does the government give salaries to Spenders?"

    "So the economy won't go bust without customers. Is that what you wanted to know?" Louise replied.

    The teacher said, "Exactly, Louise. Thank you. Does a Spender have to finish high school? Luis!"

    Luis answered, "Naw, but if'n you don't, the government will probably put you to work since Spender jobs are usually filled by young people."

    "That's good, Luis. Does a Spender have to get good grades, Luis?" the teacher asked.

    Luis replied, "No fair, Teach. You asked me one already. Shit, it's a good thing I don't have to take that from you after I declare. No, a Spender doesn't have to get good grades."

    The teacher said, "Thank you, again, Luis. Marcia, what does that mean for Earners?"

    Marcia stood and said, "It means that they can get whatever attention they need from the instructors so they'll be able to get the jobs they want later."

    The bell rang as the teacher began to give another question. She paused, then said, "Okay, very good, Marcia, uh, it's time for you to fill out your forms. Be sure to check the form properly. Make sure it has your name on it. Then fill in the computer box of your choice with your number two pencil so that it's completely black. Then pass them up front to me. Those of you who want to drop out may leave as soon as you finish your form. When I have all the forms, I want those of you in the Spender category who remain here to take seats in the back of the class. Earners are to move to the front."

    The teacher began strapping on a holster belt with a handgun in it. Then she said, "Remember, Spenders can be shot for disruptive or criminal behavior. The Earner students have priority after you finish filling in your forms. Without them to fill the vital jobs, our nation would collapse entirely. Those of you who choose to be Spenders can pick up your first check when the class is over. Has everyone finished with their forms? If so, please pass them forward and begin taking your new seats. I have things to teach to those with a thirst for knowledge."

    }|{ the end }|{​
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    Ha! Good one - but I dare ask - if each are in the classroom together - how can the justification be made when the teacher picks up the pistol and starts blasting some of the hard-headed as Spenders away... I mean - they're in the classroom - They obviously have the thirst for knowledge right? LOL

    Thanx for the share - You do have interesting stories to tell... This was an intricate weaving - I would dare say if the reader doesn't pay attention to the lesson at hand - He or she may be lost when the teacher dawns the holster LOL

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