Their here, and they attack at night.

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  1. Wind

    Feb 8, 2012
    I can see the demons in my head.
    I can see the demons in my room.
    I can head them whispering in my ears.
    They attack me through the nights, when I'm at my weakest.
    When I'm about to fall.They're whispers fog my brain, and my thoughts no longer seems right but wrong.
    I want to leave, yet I stay.I no longer sleep when the moon waits in the sky.I can feel the sun while I sleep.Will my dreams ever come back to me?
    The nightmares they floor me,even while I am awake they attack my senses and drive me into a corner.
    I'm weak.I need sleep.I need to eat.I need to come back toward the light. But I am weak,and I ask no help nor is none given.For I am just to weak. I only asked for it once, and I regret it over and over again
    I can hear them as they grow louder.Even as I release the pain inside, it flows over like a river yet cherry colored.
    Can you feel it ? They asked one night as I lay in tears. Can you see it ? They asked one night as I choke on sobs.
    Are you ready to go? They asked one night as I tried to finally let go. I could only answer with the softest whispers "If only I was stronger."
    I closed my eyes, that night and the next. Even as the parade around me.I dream, of the nightmares that consumed my waking self.Oh what did I do? Why do I no longer fight.I wake up in sweats and tears.
    Finally help, yet I say no.For why should I now. I asked once, yet it was ignored. Now I am even weaker then before. When can I sleep, and not wake up? When can I dream of something other then the demons that whisper to me,and fool me into false peace only to eat me alive over and over again through nightmares they taunt.
    I can see the demons in my head.
    I can see the demons in my room.
    I can hear them whispering into my ear.
    But I'm afraid, I'm scared and weak.I can not now ask for help.It's to late isn't it?
    Can I sleep finally.Or is that to wrong a wish to think?
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