The man with the moon in his eyes.

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  1. Keith Seren

    Keith Seren
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    Feb 9, 2015

    So wearily laden the night’s starry skies
    As below sat the man with the moon in his eyes,
    And his golden tinged face stood out framed in the shade
    As he gazed overhead at the things he had made,
    While the evening was still like a dream statuette
    That had bowed down its head as the sun slowly set,
    And its shadows caressed every mood of a night
    That had no need of time, and had no need of light.

    And the man with the moon in his eyes whispered low
    As the cloud wisps crept by dressed in their lunar glow,
    For he could see oh so much more than he felt
    He saw dreams that could laugh, and a moon that could melt,
    And the dream statuette looked down into his face
    While clouds criss-crossed a moon of soft grey woven lace,
    And the evening grew still like a peace painted Prayer
    As the man with the moon in his eyes rested there.

    Then more clouds crossed the moon and it whispered good night
    To the man who was left in the depths of his night,
    And he got to his feet and stretched up to the sky
    Then he walked down the hill as he called out goodbye,
    As the shade knitted round him the dreams he had sought
    Not a one could be caught, nor a one even bought,
    He put a hand in his pocket and brought out a star
    That his eyes had picked up as they wandered afar.

    Then the man from the shadows wept silver soft rain
    The man with the moon in his eyes once again… ​
  2. PaintedDiary

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    Jun 23, 2006
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    I really enjoyed this piece. The ambiance of this is so dreamy as if I was sitting beside the man with the moon in his eyes. Thank you for a Beautiful read Keith. :fan1:
  3. Moonchild

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    Jul 24, 2007
    This is beautiful! Great flow and storytelling.
    I so much really enjoyed every word and it left me wanting more.
    It's great for children too.
    Excellent write!
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