The Dust Poets

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    Jul 24, 2007

    We write of the whispers in the wind,
    the secrets of the dust in its current
    and the words we know can’t be taught,
    they’re natural born in the heart of a bloom,
    in the life of the trees that grow and change
    and the invisibility of that wind
    is like our thoughts before they’re written
    and the silent screams in the heart of the storms
    are like our souls when expressions are born.

    Like dust in the wind,
    someday we’ll be gone
    like the poet’s of long ago
    but, what we’ll leave behind
    is a legacy of words,
    free as the flight of birds,
    to let today’s youth know we were here,
    in the babble of the brook
    where you can hear our songs if you listen,

    in the bark of the tree
    where we left our initials to prove
    we once had hearts like the depths of the sea,
    to let them know we bled like them
    with the same red tears that colored
    the roses through the years,
    to let them know they’re not alone,
    they’re not unknown,
    that we were here once when the words were young.

    © Karen Davies
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