The Brassiere Factory by Kenneth Koch

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    [mp3=]The Brassiere Factory by Kenneth Koch[/mp3]

    [fieldset=The Brassiere Factory by Kenneth Koch (1925–2002)]Is the governor falling
    From a great height?
    Arm in arm we fled the brassiere factory,
    The motion-boat stayed on the shore!
    I saw how round its bottom was
    As you walked into southern France—
    Upon the light hair of an arm
    Cigar bands lay!
    I kissed you then. Oh is my bar
    The insect of your will? The water rose,
    But will the buffalo on
    The nickel yet be still?
    For how can windows hold out the light
    In your eyes!
    Darling, we fled the brassiere factory
    In forty-eight states,
    Arm in arm,
    When human beings hung on us
    And you had been arrested by the cloths
    Were used in making, and I said, “The Goths
    Know such delight,” but still we fled, away
    Into a dinner atmosphere
    From all we knew, and fall asleep this day.
    O maintenance men, with cruel eyes,
    Then arm in arm we fled the listless factory!
    The music changed your fingers’ ends to pearl,
    I punched you, you foolish girl,
    For thanks to the metronome we got out alive, in the air
    Where the sun filled us with cruelty!
    There’s what to do
    Except despair, like pages! and laugh
    Like prawns, about the sea!
    Oh arm in arm we fled the industry
    Into an earth of banks
    And foolish tanks, for what bare breasts might be.[/fieldset]

    Kenneth Koch, “The Brassiere Factory” from The Collected Poems of Kenneth Koch, published by Alfred A. Knopf, Inc. Copyright © 2006 by Kenneth Koch. Reprinted by permission of the Kenneth Koch Literary Estate.

    Source: The Collected Poems of Kenneth Koch (Alfred A. Knopf, 2006)
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