The Beast

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    Smiles gleam so radiant. A sliver tongue, so charming. An electric touch sends surges through my body. What a high! His embrace of enchanting magic. For the beast my regard quickly became rather tender.
    How peculiarly drawn I was to the beast. Even knowing that in fact he was indeed a beast. My thoughts were positive. I do have a beast and this beast loves and cares for me like no other flesh and blood man ever has.
    Enlightened, I was elated to have the privilege to belong to such a creature. Who would have ever thought it would be me. For once in my life I was the lucky one.
    I was warned, I was told by many to run and yet I stayed loyal by his side. It was no matter to me if others were so blind as to not see my luck. He was my God and beside him was I his queen and together just like that we would stay.
    A beast is a beast I suppose. I am a wise young gentlewoman. I understood a beasts comes with beastly issues. But I have a grand heart and a soft touch. Love and affection will without doubt dwindle the oxidation. These were my precise thoughts.
    My precise thoughts however happened to be counterfactual. It was not a sea of love I was falling into. I took a heart felt leap, then down I went into the beasts inferno.
    The quandary of the inferno is once your in there is no departure. The beasts paradox not even a match for Zeno.
    Torrid is the mind once in the inferno. Trepidation sets in paralysis. When there is no way to run the next logical step is to please. Laboring no longer for love, not even for kindness, laboring for a break. The harder you labor the more you give the beast to bite. Eventually you give way losing sprit. All that is left is a pocket sized glint of hope that the beast will see his winning and perhaps even treat you as a prize. Ah but you see this is wide in error. The beast does not choose to reward his prize not even with small acts to make you feel human. The beast does not stop. Screams only fuel his embers, begging only brings lashings.
    “Please let me go, I want to go home now.”
    “You are home.” says the beast.
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