San Zeno By Zach Finch

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    [mp3=]San Zeno by Zach Finch[/mp3]

    [fieldset=San Zeno by Zach Finch]And the cafe there,
    At the hed breat of midday.
    On brushstroke for the awning.

    The absence of people
    Like the presence of people
    In the memory of the square

    Piazza in Verona.
    I can't be more particular about this.
    The colors of the shutters were white,

    Some green. I had nowhere to go.
    Like the light inside the wine glass.
    Like the grass between the stones.

    And no one was building anything.
    And no one was still speaking.
    San Zeno.[/fieldset]

    Poetry, May 2004
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