Running wild

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  1. Wind

    Feb 8, 2012
    I've been running for who knows how long, I've been to far from home and without even thinking I've already traded my soul.

    I wonder if Mother misses me? I've wonder if Father still hates me. I can no longer care,not with them as my past.
    I've been drugged down, tied and hurt. I, in my own haste covered my body in oil and lite afire the dirt that littered my soul. I take myself as no witness.

    I've killed and have been killed, I've covered myself in the blood of thousands, just for a moment of power. I've been covered in my own blood, and as tragic as my own light died out. I watched it a million times, and have done it a million times.

    Creature, beast,monster and foul creature. Those are the names of my being, my very soul! What a shame, I say what a shame!

    I'm running once more, from what?
    From who?
    For what reason?

    The voices have told me of my crimes against the innocent, and have believed me to be the sacrifice of peace. Who am I to argue with their truths?

    But then my own are my own, so theirs is to them. Maybe I shall walk away, and let it fester, let it boil. LET it catch fire, and disappear into ashes.

    From there shall I run again, with my lust and greed. With my envy and glutton ways, shall I keep going until I forget my broken soul I left so long ago.

    Oh, how my heart aches, for I have already tired of "love" and "soul" yet they are the words I find in my mouth more then "mourn" more then "pain".

    Maybe I am detestable, but I won't ever face it, no I will not face it.

    For you see, look you in the light of the dark. I am running, I'm running to places you've never seen before
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