Reverie in Open Air By Rita Dove

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    [mp3=]Reverie in Open Air By Rita Dove[/mp3]

    [fieldset=Reverie in Open Air by Rita Dove (b. 1952)]I acknowledge my status as a stranger:
    Inappropriate clothes, odd habits
    Out of sync with wasp and wren.
    I admit I don’t know how
    To sit still or move without purpose.
    I prefer books to moonlight, statuary to trees.

    But this lawn has been leveled for looking,
    So I kick off my sandals and walk its cool green.
    Who claims we’re mere muscle and fluids?
    My feet are the primitives here.
    As for the rest—ah, the air now
    Is a tonic of absence, bearing nothing
    But news of a breeze.[/fieldset]

    Source: Poetry (March 2003).
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