Rainbow Rhyme.

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  1. Keith Seren

    Keith Seren
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    Feb 9, 2015
    Through shades of dark red embered fires, so many unfulfilled desires
    When orange suns and sallow skies created more than pain filled eyes
    That once watched tired yellow moons reach out to cast star silver runes,
    As they spread out on spectral green, so many futures to be seen
    While weary whispers sink through blue, unsure of what they want to do
    Yet know which way the ink stains flow, down manuscripts of indigo
    To silver dipped in violet, where suns glow tearful as they set
    While rainbows grab their coloured gowns, before their twilight slowly drowns.

    From smiling sunrise serenades, the weary morning slowly fades
    As in their gold expectancy, the hours of daylight wander free
    From feathered silken shaded dawn, as Winter creeps away forlorn
    And snowdrops blooming once again foretell the end of Winter’s pain,
    As over pastures once so bleak, Spring rhymes speak of the things they seek
    From birdsong cloaked in hope once more, that speaks of life on Summer’s shore
    Between so many satin sighs, so many come to realise
    That love is just a breath away, not just another word to say.

    From whispering waves and seas of sighs, to diamond studded evening skies
    From dancing rainbows in a field, to every treasure that was sealed
    Into their own serenity, so much of life is yet to be,
    For every milestone there’s a mile, where we can sit and pause a while
    Until the sunsets meet their shades, so many velvet serenades
    So many echoes of the night, unearthly spirits of delight
    Returning on celestial wings, those mystic and so sacred things
    Where rainbows wrap themselves in rhyme, awaiting each their rising time…

  2. Moonchild

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    Jul 24, 2007
    This is absolutely gorgeous and full of energy and life.
    Loved every word from start to finish!
    Great rhyme form too.
    Left me wanting more.
    You are a true talent :) Keep on writing!
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