Please Make Sure Your Email Address Is Up To Date! (New Membergroup Added...)

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    Jun 8, 2006

    I notice that there are a few of you who have changed your email address since Registering at JPiC... Since we do send out email newsletters and other communications I've installed a system that will make it easy to identify Members who need to update their email addresses.

    You will notice the pic above is a screenshot of the JPiC Membergroup Legend - There is now a new Membergroup: Email Address Update Needed --- So any Member identified by the new system as having an email address that bounces back to us as "undeliverable" will be moved into the new Membergroup and will be sent an automated PM similar to the following:


    Once any old email address are verified as updated by the JPiC System - you will be moved back to your previous Membergroup.

    This system is implemented because we were getting many megabytes of mail stacked up as "undeliverable" --- The EZ Bounce System was put in to expedite the "mess" - for lack of better terminology LOL

    At anyrate - If you know your email address has changed since you 1st Registered - you can easily update your info by clicking HERE.

    Thanx AND Continued happy posting!

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