One Day

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  1. Jearry

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    Oct 8, 2013
    I stood alone.
    The only place I've ever known.
    Then I saw you,
    Do you see me too?
    I stare at you and smile,
    For a while.
    I found a rose.

    I let it blossom.
    I dream, I wish.
    I tell myself,

    One day.
    You'll hold my hand as we walk along,
    We'll dance to your favorite song.

    One day.
    You'll look at me.
    You'll finally see.

    One day.
    We'll laugh together,
    In the wonderful weather.

    One day,
    To myself I say.

    Then I see you.
    You're not alone, you never were.
    You've always had friends there.
    I force a smile, sure.

    You'll never see, you'll never know.
    Down down down a cliff.
    Going to a place that's low.
    Goodbye little flower I let bloom.
    I shouldn't have given you life.
    I shouldn't have left my tomb.
    Little flower, little rose.

    Did you even see it grow?
    No, my day will never come, so . . .

    Goodbye, down I go.
    Down, down, no one will ever know.
  2. Jearry

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    Oct 8, 2013
    I wrote this about a year ago. It was the first piece of poetry I ever wrote and I consider it my best, maybe because it has a story behind it.
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