O, She Says By Hailey Leithauser

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    [mp3=http://jpicforum.info/audio-poem-of-the-day/hailey-leithauser_o-she-says.mp3]O, She Says By Hailey Leithauserg[/mp3]

    [fieldset=O, She Says by Hailey Leithauser (b. 1954)]O, she says (because she loves to say O),
    O to this cloud-break that ravels the night,
    O to this moon, its mouthful of sorrow,
    O shallow grass and the nettle burr’s bite,

    O to heart’s flare, its wobbly satellite,
    O step after step in stumbling tempo,
    O owl in oak, O rout of black bat flight,
    (O moaned in Attic and Esperanto)

    O covetous tongue, O fat fandango,
    O gnat tango in the hot, ochered light,
    O wind whirred leaves in subtle inferno,
    O flexing of sea, O stars bolted tight,

    O ludicrous swoon, O blind hindsight,
    O torching of bridges and blood boiled white,
    O sparrow and arrow and hell below,
    O, she says, because she loves to say O.[/fieldset]

    Source: Poetry (July/August 2009).
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