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    [announce=ggo-online.gif][/announce]We're happy to announce the return of our affiliate site! GGO is a wonderfully designed electronic greetings card gallery that features a top notch selection of Beautifully FREE e-Cards. With a current selection of over 1700 quality e-Cards to select from, GGO is surely to become your favorite, as well as the favorite of those who receive your special greeting.

    We had a [-]Greeting Card Aspirations[/-] sub-forum here at JPiC in the past where registered members could post poems for possible publication in the GGO Words of Wisdom Poetic Showcase section. We decided to remove the sub-forum due to inactivity. However, we are still happy to consider your poems for e-Card publication. See below for further details...

    At anyrate - GGO registration is 100% FREE. You'll simply need to register your new account to gain access to members-only features.

    We're quite proud of Greetings Gallery Online and hope you ALL will enjoy and make use of it!


    Want To Submit A Poem For e-Card Publication?
    Ever dreamt of having your very own writing featured on a greeting card OR even having a greeting card creation career? Sure you have. Who hasn't!? Well... Here's your opportunity:

    1. Here are a few examples of published e-Cards:
      You too can have your words placed on a poetically artistic e-Card creation.


      Again by Thomas Altier (


      Jacquii's Perspective by Jacquii Cooke - artwork by Tree Good (


      Jazz Singer Girl by Jacquii Cooke & Kimberly Robinson (


      **PLEASE NOTE**
      All poetry and writing must be your ORIGINAL work. Have a favorite quote of someone other than yourself you want considered? Post it in the JPiC Random Quote system.

      Posting your piece for GGO consideration will not guarentee that it will be included on the website - All final decisions will be made by the JPiC Forum Administrator. If you have any questions, concerns or comments about these guidelines please contact the JPiC Administrator.

      By submitting your work for GGO consideration, you give perpetual publication rights for your work to be used on the website. Of course copyright of the work always remains that of the author and will be noted on the e-Card itself as seen in the examples below...

      All threads throughout the Forum may be selected for inclusion in as well. If this is the case - A Member of the JPiC Moderating Team will notify you of the selection and request permission for the work to be included in the website.
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