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    Maggie gave the old man sitting next to her a smile and nodded as
    if to say she knew exactly what he was talking about. Idly, she
    wondered what it was about the heat of August that turned New
    Yorkers into fucking morons . . . and why, for that matter, they all
    seemed to congregate on the IRT heading uptown.

    The train was packed, which both surprised and depressed her.
    She'd hoped to avoid the daily rush for once and escape to the
    sanctuary of her apartment for a bath, then an afternoon reclined on
    the sofa wearing nothing but the authentic silk kimono she'd picked
    up when the firm had sent her to Koriyama last year.

    Closing her eyes, she could almost feel the coolness of her
    apartment building's central air blowing against her still wet skin,
    giving her a delightful rash of goosebumps all over her freshly
    cleaned body. She imagined her nipples stiffening in the cold, aided
    by a gentle caress that was mirrored by the other hand trailing lazily
    across her belly. Hot and cold, body on fire, licking her lips in
    greedy anticipation as her hand moved closer . . .

    So much closer . . .

    "It's not the heat so much, it's the humidity."

    "Yeah, " Maggie said. She could do little to mask the sigh in her
    voice, but if the old man noticed it didn't show on his wrinkled face.
    It was just her luck to get stuck next to some codger who was bent
    on doling out an endless string of summertime clichés. Still, she was
    fortunate to even have a seat.

    Her gaze drifted aimlessly across the poor, hapless souls that had
    been forced to stand like cattle, huddled together in a mass of
    exposed flesh and sweat soaked clothing. She crinkled her nose in
    disdain. The smell of body odor was strong, oppressive . . . and
    very, very near.

    Old geezer probably has taken a bath in a month, she thought

    The train started forward with a jerk and Maggie grunted as
    something slammed into her face, hard. "What the hell . . .?"

    "Sorry!" a lilting voice said.

    Maggie turned and found herself staring right into the most
    adorable rear end she had ever seen. Perfectly shaped globes, round
    and firm and decidedly feminine, encased in tight denim cutoffs so
    short a tantalizing glimpse of bare cheek was visible at the bottom.
    She looked up slowly and was met by a stunning pair of blue eyes,
    luminous and inviting. The girl standing in front of her was looking
    back over a bare shoulder, the other hefting a heavy looking
    backpack with NYU emblazoned across the side in large blue
    letters. She had on a baggy white tank top over a black sport bra
    that was clearly visible when she lifted her arms.

    "I need to be more careful with this thing, " the girl said, shrugging
    her load to make it clear she meant the backpack and not what
    Maggie had been thinking -hoping- had slapped her in the face.

    Maggie smiled. "No harm done."

    The girl returned the smile. "Good."

    A glimmer of hope? Maggie wondered. The thought was quickly
    discarded in favor of reality. It was just a smile. There was no
    hidden meaning, no encouragement, no suggestion of things to be if
    she played her cards right. It was just a smile. A very lovely smile,
    Maggie decided, belonging to a very lovely girl . . . but just a smile
    nonetheless. She placed the girl in the twenties . . . a bit on the
    young side, but at thirty-four herself Maggie hardly thought it

    Not that she was the kind of person who cared about such things,
    though if she had been concerned about maintaining at least the
    appearance of general propriety this girl was definitely worth any
    disparaging remarks or disapproving glances she may have received
    from friends and coworkers. The girl was gorgeous. Long legs,
    muscular arms, black hair cut short the way the young college types
    liked to wear it. Every exposed inch of the girl smacked of youth
    and enthusiasm.

    Probably a political science major or something, Maggie thought.

    The train lurched to a sudden stop and the next thing Maggie knew
    the girl was in her lap. Lights flickered then all was dark, eliciting a
    string of groans from everyone on board except Maggie, who was
    thankful that the griping from the other passengers was loud
    enough to obscure the quiet gasp that escaped her lips from the feel
    of the gorgeous young creature pressed against her.

    "I really hate the subway sometimes, " the girl said.

    Maggie smiled in the darkness. "They'll get it going in a minute. It's
    all those air conditioners cranked up full blast. Puts a strain on the
    energy supply."

    "S'pose that's it, " the girl sighed. "I'd get up if I could see where I
    was going."

    "Don't worry about it. I'm good for now."

    "Well okay, " the girl said, "but let me know when the circulation
    gets cut off."

    Maggie laughed. "Will do."

    "Under the circumstances I guess we should introduce ourselves.
    I'm Erin."


    "Nice to meet you Maggie, " Erin said. She sighed again. "This is
    so stupid. I get off at the next stop."

    "Washington Square?"


    "The Village?" Maggie croaked. The feel of the girls ass in her lap
    was driving her crazy! She drew in a calming breath and released it
    slowly. It didn't help. She could smell the faint scent of shampoo,
    something fragrant but cheap, the kind bought on a student's
    budget. It smelled wonderful. The searing heat Maggie felt between
    her legs had nothing to do with the temperature inside the subway
    car. Sweat gathered at her temples, dripping down her face. It was
    crazy! If the train didn't start up soon she was going to explode!

    "Yeah. I love it. How about you?"

    "Upper West Side, near Lincoln Center. Small place . . . couple
    blocks east of Riverside Park."

    Erin whistled appreciatively. "Pretty ritzy. What do you for a

    "Stock broker."

    "Like it?"

    "Sure . . . I love spending other people's money."

    "Mmm . . . so do I." Erin shifted in her lap and Maggie gasped,
    startled. It was nothing. The girl was just trying to get comfortable.
    There was nothing more to it than that. It was harmless.
    Insignificant. She took a deep breath, trying to reign in the raging
    desire that threatened to overwhelm her.

    Then Erin shifted in her lap again. It was more deliberate this time,
    the girl's ass grinding into her crotch. Maggie moaned softly. There
    was no mistaking the intent now. She leaned forward slightly,
    following the scent of shampoo that had filled her senses to find the
    back of Erin's neck with a gentle kiss. Erin responded by driving
    that lovely ass even harder against her crotch. Maggie reached
    around and placed her hand on Erin's thigh, stroking gently. Erin
    immediately took her hand and guided it to the heavenly spot
    between those long legs.

    Maggie continued kissing Erin's neck as she gently and quietly
    unzipped the girl's fly. God, she thought, don't let the lights come
    back on! She eased her finger inside Erin's shorts, finding the pair of
    panties within soaked in front. Maggie knew it wasn't from sweat.
    She ran her finger up and down the length of Erin's slit, rubbing the
    young, wet pussy through the fabric of the cotton panties. Erin
    writhed in her lap, making her own pussy twitch with need. She
    pressed gently at first . . . then a little harder, drawing small circles
    with the tip of her finger. Erin whimpered softly. Maggie began to
    rub more vigorously, pressing hard with the pads of two fingers
    now. She never stopped kissing Erin's neck She swirled her tongue
    against the sweaty flesh, tasting its saltiness . . . wishing she could
    taste another kind of saltiness on her lips.

    The need for more pushed Maggie closer to the edge of madness,
    where she felt perfectly comfortable throwing all caution to the
    wind. She pulled aside the panties just enough to slip her fingers
    into Erin's pussy, plunging in as far as she could. The velvety folds
    closed around her fingers, pulling her in, begging for her touch. She
    found the girl's hardened clit and stroked it gently, rolling it
    between her fingers. Erin bounced in her lap, gasping and sighing
    quiet sighs that made Maggie shiver with delight. The girl was close
    to coming . . . she could feel it . . . sense it. She moved her lips
    from Erin's neck to Erin's ear, flicking her tongue against the girl's
    earlobe, teasing. Erin sighed helplessly and Maggie laughed,
    squeezing Erin's clit between her fingers . . . hard. Erin shuddered in
    her arms. Maggie couldn't help but wonder how the girl managed to
    keep from crying out.

    Maggie finally took her hand away and Erin zipped up, wiggling
    playfully in her lap. She dropped a quick kiss on Erin's shoulder,
    sighing, her breathing slowly returning to normal.

    The lights flickered on and with a whine of protest the train started
    up again. Some of the other passengers applauded. Maggie just
    leaned back in her seat and watched as Erin stood up without
    looking back at her. God, she has a nice ass, Maggie thought. She
    stared at Erin's backside longingly until the train stopped again, this
    time on purpose. Erin turned to her and winked.

    "Isn't this your stop?"

    Maggie grinned. She got up and followed Erin to the exit. Then, as
    an afterthought, she turned to the old man who had been sitting
    next to her and with a smile said, "Yeah . . . it's hot enough for me."
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    Curtis Spider Lee
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    Wow Boo boo, an impressive invigorating write! The old man had it good kick'n to Maggie. But if his game was tighter, he could of have her and Erin at his apartment smack'n those asses!
  3. booobooo

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    Apr 26, 2008
    New Delhi
    You Have A Point But If I Close It Like That It Just Won't Be The Same. Somethings Need To Be Left For Our Imagination...
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    THIS is erotica! This is a much better. There's some minor editing I would do but other than that...

    You've left more to the imagination (not much, lol) and stuffed it full with more detail. A standard girl on girl in the hot, darkened subway car but you did it well.

    Great job, booboo!
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