For the Old Gnostics by Robert Bly

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    [mp3=]For the Old Gnostics by Robert Bly[/mp3]

    [fieldset=For the Old Gnostics by Robert Bly (b. 1926)]The Fathers put their trust in the end of the world
    And they were wrong. The Gnostics were right and not
    Right. Dragons copulate with their knobby tails.
    Some somnolent wealth rises unconcerned,
    Over there! In the world! Ponderous stubborn
    Sorrow weighs down the flying Gospels.
    Some enormous obstacle blocks our way.
    The untempered soul grumbles in empty light.[/fieldset]

    Source: Turkish Pears in August: Twenty Ramages (Midnight Paper Sales, 2005)
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