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    How to wonder when,
    Upon the ashes of graven stones,
    One stares forever into sin,
    And waits upon the rolling woes.

    A darker sheet,
    Suspends such sorrow.
    Ready to kill and beat,
    With guild for an endless tomorrow.

    Show the world who you are,
    See how much they see.
    When your dreams are a shining star,
    Of these, the world will set you free.

    Do not worry.
    Do not fret.
    We're not sorry.
    You won't find happiness yet.

    Now to enter sleep eternal,
    And rest just one more day.
    Dreams can be dreamt, one and all,
    Until you wake, then come what may.

    Where will you go,
    What will you do?
    That isn't the right place for you!
    How dare you wish to show.

    Upon a thicket of brambles,
    You must reuse the right.
    Trip through the tangles.
    The line we walk is tight.

    To have a mind is such a curse,
    But don't worry about your ailment,
    The world is a great nurse.
    They know for what you are meant.

    The lovely road,
    The wanderer.
    Is this the tone . . .
    No, you may do no more.

    Listen to the world.
    Forget about your cherished word.
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