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    A servant by name Maya. I was working at a high tech firm in Bangalore and was a sucker for good homely food. One of my friend had this girl who moved from Andhra to take care of his family. So, during one of my visits to this friend of mine,

    I asked them if their servant (Maya) could come to my place for cleaning and cooking. My friend’s family agreed since I was paying for the servant. Friday’s are the best days, especially when we hit MG Road by 5:o0 PM, go pub hopping and catch an auto back home.

    This day was that typical Friday where me and my colleagues had fun in the evening and were getting pretty drunk. One of my colleagues wanted to get home, so she wanted me to accompany her since she lived next door.

    So, I got on her KH and she drove with me as a pillion rider. I tell you, the seat is so well inclined towards the driver that my crotch was on her butt and enjoying it. My hands that were on her thighs quickly found her nice breasts and let them hang there.

    She didn’t mind because she enjoyed the feeling herself (now that’s another story). I was pretty drunk. After, we reached home, this friend dropped me to the front door of my apartment and left. I think I went to the bathroom freshened up and went to bed naked.

    In the morning, Maya came in and she was busy in her cleaning. I heard noises and pretended I was asleep. I had a blanket on and Maya was in my room brooming the floor, she thought I was asleep and she didn’t care how her saree (pallu) was covering those voluptuous breasts.

    But, her breasts were trying to pop out every second her hand moved. This got me going, I began to move as long I got a glimpse of those beautiful fruits. As she broomed she went out of the room for a few seconds to come back with the mop.

    This was a sight that was even better. She was on her feet hunched down with her saree pulled above her knees and I could see right through the V of her legs that she wasn’t wearing any panties. This excited me even more.

    So, I started to keep my eyes very open for an opportunity for a look see. The alcohol I had on the previous night was about enough to make my dick hard. So, while I was looking at those legs and boobs, I wanted her to notice my huge hard dick.

    So, I straightened out on the bed and watched her from the side, while the blanket on me showed the huge dick standing up like a pole. She was cleaning so close that my breath was on her, Maya got up to freshen up the mop and noticed my huge dick standing erect.

    The saree was caught within the crack of her buttocks that it did not come down right away as she stood. This gave me a fantastic view of those thighs and her butt naked from where I was lying down. This intensified the hardness of my dick.

    While Maya returned I ensured that part of my blanket was pulled aside and my dick though covered by the blanket was clearly visible when Maya started her mopping. As I was expecting, she started mopping and looked at my big dick, she was mesmerized by the size.

    She went on her knees and cleaned her hands to gently move the blanket away from my dick. As she did this I was getting excited. As, she cleared the blanket, my hand started reaching out to her buttocks but not touching them as yet.

    As Maya put her lips to my dick, I moved my fingers between her legs to the temple of love. While Maya engulfed my dick, I inserted my fingers the same moment I felt her tongue on my dick. This sudden action got her so excited that she didn’t care about

    anything but started sucking my dick, while my fingers were playing inside her cunt. She was moist and coming several times. It took me an effort to lift her onto my face and I started licking and sucking her clit. All the while Maya was sucking my dick hard and I was beginning to cum.

    I wanted to turn her around but the excitement she was having just made me continue. As I came in her mouth, she came at the same time. She was very tasty and I think I was tasty for her too, because she sucked the last drop of my cum while squeezing my balls for more.

    I had pull her head out or I would have had hernia. We relaxed for a few minutes. Maya had excellent nipples, I was sucking on them while squeezing her boobs, she was getting excited as well as I. I got on top of her and started riding her.

    Now she wanted to ride so we rolled over and Maya was riding on me. I enjoyed this even more since her boobs were slapping on my face and I was busy sucking her nipples like a frenzied lover. The sucking and little nips on the nipple excited Maya out of control.

    She was screaming while I had to hold onto her mouth and asked if I could come inside. She didn’t care, she said she wanted me inside her like crazy. So, I started to come inside. She felt this and quickly moved her lips to my dick and started sucking and gulping my white liquid.

    She loved it so much that she drank every drop until I could expend no more. All in all guys, this was one unintentional sex I ever had. But, the best I had so far.
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