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    Well, I was a 18 year old gawky 1st year Engg. College kid, 183 cms tall, wheatish fair complexion, brown eyes and a reasonably intelligent and studious look, not to mention a 7 incher in my pants. It isn’t always great to look the kind who worms his way to the nearest book or magazine in site, but that was the way I was. My folks were pretty proud of my polite demeanor and I was allowed a lot of unguarded freedom in dealing with the opposite sex. Of course I had my rush of hormones and an urge to have sex, which I managed to keep in hold with regular masturbation.

    Now, my mom and dad both being carrier persons, we used to have an old lady, about 40 Yrs. coming to our house. Nothing to write home about her looks, but she had a daughter who was 14 yrs and with budding boobs, which grew every week. You females know the kind of situation I am talking about. She was gregarious and I could make out that she was just having her introduction with the birds and the bees. It wasn’t before about the end of my first year in college, that our maid fell sick. Mom requested her to arrange for an alternative till the time she is back; little did she know that she has set in motion the inevitable. Predictably, the woman told that for a few days her daughter won’t mind coming and doing our housework.

    So from the next day onwards, she started coming to our place. I used to study in my room and she started sweeping the house. Wearing the Indian shalwar kurta, as she bent over to clean, I couldn’t help but peek inside her kurta, to get a quick glance of her oranges. She had good ones, with perk black nipples. I could only get those stolen glimpses at them, but she realized what I was doing, as she started giving me furtive glances, which I tried to avoid by looking into my books. She finished her sweeping and went for the wet mopping. Again I resumed my game. This went on for quite a few days, and we became familiar with each other. I started acknowledging her presence by smiling and occasionally saying hellos and hi’s. Soon she started asking about my studies and was suitably impressed with my credentials. I came to know that she was in class 7th and trying to study despite a lot of disturbances in her family. Meanwhile, her boobs were slowly getting bigger and I couldn’t help now myself from looking at them while talking to her. She used to blush at this, but didn’t seem to mind.

    Once due to exams in my mom’s college, she had leave early in the morning. Dad had already left by then. She told me to see that usha does everything well and lock the house securely before going to the college. The whole opportunity excited me no end. At least I can look at usha’s body without restraint and fear of being discovered from my mom. So I waited patiently till she came. She asked me where mom was. I smiled and told her that she had left early due to exams at her college and I was alone in the house, with a knowing smile. Now she understood my gesture and returned a shy smile.

    She started with cleaning the utensils, and I went to the kitchen and sat on the sill pretending to talk to her about the well being of her mom, at the same time looking at her well-rounded boobs and the tight ass, which swayed as she rubbed the utensils. I found my 7 incher rising to the occasion, and I still sat on the sill trying to cover my hard on with my hands folded across them. Soon she finished her cleaning of the utensils and started the sweeping.

    I sat on my study table as she started the sweeping from my room. I boldly peeked in her kurta and saw the bra-less boobs swaying like ripe oranges. Today she saw me gave a shy smile but at the same time, tried to cover her kurta by pulling the top a little higher. Now this was something, which reminded of Nebayev’s Lolita, I just found it too difficult to control myself. Somehow I resisted for some more time.

    Now she had started giving me glances again and again and holding my glances too!!! She started smiling all the time to herself knowing that I was watching her. She knew what she was doing and she wanted to do it. Slowly as she finished my room, her back was turned to me, and I saw the last of her swaying ass and this was the moment, which I decided to make the move. I went from behind and caught her from the waist, and pulling her straight towards my body, I put my hands on those hot oranges at the same time kissing her ears with my hot lips. She tried escaping and moved away a little from me. I turned her face right towards me, and looked in her eyes. "usha, sirf aaj ka din hai hamare pass, please mana mat karo, main tumhen itne dinon se pasand karta hoon" she said, "nahin, muje bahoot dar lag raha hai, maine suna hai aise hi baccha ho jata hai" I said, "arre pagli, baccha aise thodi hota hai, mujh par vishwas karo, main tumhen bachha nahin hone doonga, sirf maja aiga, main jaanta hoon isme kitni badnaami hai hum dono ki, agar baccha ho gaya" .This seemed to ease her a little, I again started kissing her on her cheeks and her eyes, slowly moving to her nose, to which she gave a girlish laugh. Now I pulled her head back holding her hair and I said, looking straight into her eyes, usha, main tumhen bahoot pyar karta hoon", to which she said, "main bhi tumhen pasand karti hoon"., I said, "to phir daro mat, is pyar ke mauke to enjoy karo". With this I kissed her on her lips and slowly moved my hands on her medium sized ripe oranges, I started slowly caressing them, soon she started responding my kisses. I kissed her more hungrily and started sucking her lower lip, soon moving my tongue in her mouth. She responded back and slowly but inexperiencedly started sucking my tongue, now slowly she slid her tongue in my mouth, and I started sucking the same. Meanwhile, I had slipped my hand under her kurta and started caressing her boobs, with slow, slight outward motion, circling on the nipples, little did I notice that my cock had attained a splendid erection and was now resting against her smooth stomach. I lifted her kurta, and her boobs were now bare in front of me. Ooh what a sight, I could never forget them standing perk, like that of goddess venus with chocolate colored tips. I said "usha tum to bahut badi ho gai ho, aur tumhare mamme to kitne sundar hain, main to inhen dekhne ke liye tadap raha tha". She said, "mujhe sab pata hai" and smiled looking in my eyes. Now I pushed her gently to the nearby bed, and made her lye down besides me, at the same time kissing her deep and caressing both her boobs. Slowly I went down and started kissing her boobs, from the sides, slowly moving to the tips and finally sucking the tips. Now she was breathing heavily, and her hand had instinctively reached my head, combing them with her slender fingers. I went down further and kissing her stomach and started removing her pajama to which to she tried to resist with her hands, but I said, "kuch nahin hoga, ek bar kar to dekho"she complied and soon I had her pajama out. She was wearing a black colored panty, now I kissed the pelvic joint and her lower abdomen, she had started bucking and moaning light moans of a girl of 14. Slowly I moved on her pussy over the panty cloth and slowly started kissing it lightly and then licking it with the tip of my tongue, rubbing the tip of my tongue on the furrow of her mound. Now she started pressing the back of my head to apply pressure to the sucking. I found this to be the right moment, and quickly pulled of her panty. Now her pussy of 14 yrs was exposed before me. Now, only those who have seen lolita pussies can realize what a sight it was. There were light down on her pubic mound and her brown lips parted to reveal a tender pink inner labia and the shining pearly clitoris. I went on her pussy and slowly started running my tongue on the furrow. Now she was really hot, and started making whistle like sounds sucking in air, with every breath. Now I turned my torso towards her face and opened the zipper of my pants and took out my throbbing tool, mainwhile, continuing to run my tongue on the inner length of her vagina. I placed my cock in her hands and told her, "ise chooso, jaise main choos rahan hoon". With this she ran her hand on my tool and said, "yeh itna bada hota hai kya?". To which I said, "haan, yeh abhi khada hai, iska matlab, yeh tumhen pasand karta hai". With this I pushed my aching cock to her lips, she paused and shuddered as the tip of my cock touched her lips, but I pushed a little and the glans was well inside her mouth. Now she started sucking. I renewed my licking of her vagina with a little more pressure, and now moved to her clit and rubbed the tip of my tongue on her clit, she started bucking and sucking my cock with force and biting my glans. As I rubbed her clit harder, her bucking and sucking increased, I felt my cum rising from my balls. So I took out my cock from her mouth, she looked at my face at this abruptness. I smiled and said, "chalo, ab aur kuch karten hain, tumhen achha lag raha hai naa", she said "haaan bahoot maja aa raha hai". I parted her legs and crept in with my cock upright in my hands, and started rubbing her vaginal furrow with my glans. Now she started bucking, and I rubbed her clit, with my glans, faster and faster. She started moaning loudly now. Now I slowly inserted the tip with a sudden pressure in her cunt hole. She bucked and said, "dard to nahin hoga", I said "nahin, main aise karoonga ki pata hi nahin chalega". With this I started inserting my cock with a little pressure in her tight little cunt hole. Now I gave a sudden push, and I could feel my cock ramming against her hymen muscles. Sucking her nipples hard, and I thought, it is better to end this ordeal. With one more lunge I pushed my entire shaft in her willing and wet pussy, she gave one big jump and a scream escaped out of her mouth. I could see the blood oozing out along the length of my shaft, as I started moving it back and forth slowly. She started responding in a few minutes, and now was moaning with pleasure. Soon all her pain was forgotten. I gave a few more long strokes and found myself unable to control any further.

    I took out my cock out of her pussy and immediately pushed her head towards it. I rammed it straight in her mouth and came like I had never come before. I told her, "jaldi se choos ise, aur iska ras pee", she started drinking my cum, and I could see a few drops coming out of the end of her lips and flowing down her chin and dropping down to her breasts. I kissed her warmly and held her for about 15 minutes all the time kissing her and telling her how much we both had enjoyed. She agreed to fuck me whenever she could get the opportunity. Then on we started enjoying sex regularly, her mother died after a few months and she became our permanent maid.
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