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    About The Creativity Outlet

    We hope to have at least one poetic and/or writing exercise (challenge) posted each week which is geared towards helping each of us conquer the horrid monster better known as Writers Block. In other words - this section of JPiC is to give you an outlet in which to stretch your imagination and come up with a diverse spectrum of creative writing.

    The objectives given in each post - which of course are progressive in their expressivity and strong in originality - will inspire you to reach new depths in your writing. Each exercise will help you to flex your creative muscles.

    If you have any questions about any given exercise or challenge, please don't hesitate to contact the JPiC ADMIN via the JPiC Contact Page and/or send PM to any Member of the JPiC Moderating Team.

    Posting Guidelines...

    • When an exercise is posted there will be a Private Message sent to all Members announcing the writing challenge OR poetic exercise. The exercise rules & objectives will be posted in the 2nd post of each exercise thread.
    • Only the JPiC Moderating Team or ADMIN will be able to post actually threads in the Creativity Outlet. All other threads will be removed.
    • Considering the above rule -----> All challenge responses should be posted within the challenge thread itself.
    • Only post in this section if you are responding to one of those challenges/exercise OR posting a comment on someones work. All other posts will be uncerimoniously removed!
    • After the allotted time for a challenge/exercise has past you may still post in the thread for that challenge... Our goal here is to get those creative juices flowing lovely - so why put a time limit on it? :)

    As always - have fun getting creative with us AND happy posting :)


    POST UPDATED 2/27/2008
    If you have any questions or concerns about this section CONTACT the JPiC ADMIN
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