Trophies Awarded to MsJacquiiC

  1. You're THE BOMB!
    Awarded: Jul 8, 2016

    You're THE BOMB!

    Points: 50

    Over 6000 posts in our Community. Hands-down, you are THE BOMB! Pow!

  2. Liked And Highly Favored
    Awarded: Mar 3, 2013

    Liked And Highly Favored

    Points: 15

    Content you have posted has attracted 100 likes. Great job and continued happy posting!

  3. You're Highly Liked
    Awarded: Nov 5, 2012

    You're Highly Liked

    Points: 10

    You have 25 messages which have been liked by your fellow JPiCans! Keep it up.

  4. Somebody Likes You
    Awarded: Sep 8, 2012

    Somebody Likes You

    Points: 2

    There's a JPiCan out there who has liked one of your messages. Keep posting like that for more trophies!

  5. You're On FIRE!
    Awarded: Sep 4, 2012

    You're On FIRE!

    Points: 45

    4500 posts?! Seriously? Okay. We do have water out back that we can douse you with. Because: You. Are. On. Fire.

  6. JPiC Posting Legend
    Awarded: Sep 4, 2012

    JPiC Posting Legend

    Points: 40

    3000 posts in our forum means you're a JPiC Posting Legend. You are to be respected and admired. Cheers!

  7. JPiC Posting Champ
    Awarded: Sep 4, 2012

    JPiC Posting Champ

    Points: 35

    With some 2000 posts under your belt, there's no doubt you're a posting champ. Here's the trophy to prove it!

  8. JPiC Forum Addict
    Awarded: Sep 4, 2012

    JPiC Forum Addict

    Points: 15

    Whoa! You have reached the milestone of 500 total JPiC Forum posts. You're addicted!

  9. JPiC Forum Fiend
    Awarded: Sep 3, 2012

    JPiC Forum Fiend

    Points: 20

    It's official. With 1,000 total forum posts, you are on a fiendish trek. Impressive. Keep it up!

  10. You're On A Roll Now
    Awarded: Sep 3, 2012

    You're On A Roll Now

    Points: 10

    You've posted 100 total messages. I hope this took you more than a day and that the posts are not spam!

  11. Keeps Coming Back
    Awarded: Sep 3, 2012

    Keeps Coming Back

    Points: 5

    You've posted 30 total messages in our forums. You obviously like it here. Congratulations!

  12. Breaking The Newb In
    Awarded: Sep 3, 2012

    Breaking The Newb In

    Points: 1

    Post your 1st message anywhere in our forums and you'll receive this trophy!