Tradition by Jade Keane

Tradition By Jade Keane Traditional ways of thinking Are destroying the lives of men When you just judge things By the way you THINK they should be How can you say you have any real grip on reality? I don’t THINK you can I think traditional ways of thinking Are destroying the lives of man I grew up without my father He left three months after I was born I didn’t take it too personally though I knew it wasn’t my fault he got up and left with the dawn I knew it wasn’t my fault that he didn’t say goodbye And I even knew it wasn’t my fault He was too weak to even lie He just went to work one morning And didn’t come back Until my twentieth birthday By which time I was like, Really… Seriously…? Your timing is whack! I grew up without my father But that is not the definition of how I was raised …I was brought up but my mother. Are you familiar with the kind of woman that, That does it alone, That works for her own Who loves and raises, Who disciplines and praises Encourages and nourishes Literally and intellectually Always striving to bring out the best in me The kind of woman who guides and protects Whose presence commands respect Whose laugh can make you forget The worse day at work ever! Just by sitting and catching jokes with her. Are you familiar with that type of woman? She does it all without complaining, Without blaming Without naming and shaming Traditional no. Phenomenal. Woman is she. Traditional ways of thinking are Suppressing so many women in our society I grew up without a father So I am proof that it can be done But that’s not to say That I don’t see the benefits of growing up with one I simply don’t think tradition should be used as an excuse To justify your own choice to stay “But the kids need their father around” Really? How many times have I heard a woman say, that “It’s for the sake of the kids, I’m not doing this for me, I can’t teach my son to be a man, I can’t teach him the lessons only his father can” But what kind of man do you want your son to grow up to be? Look me in my eye and tell me “Just like his daddy” And what kind of man do you want your daughter to attract? The kind of man that berates her And hits when she talks back? The lessons we teach our children are set by example Do as I say and not what I do is cute, but Where’s the foundation to follow that through? We are their blue print. A traditional family unit is a blessing of course But in what world do you know where a blessing is forced? That’s not a blessing. It’s a lie The truth is, If he beats you, he can beat them If he disrespects you, he’s disrespecting them If he abuses you, he’s abusing them Traditional ways of thinking are destroying the lives of our children. Admit it, That you are not strong enough to walk away And that all the excuses you make Are just the reasons why your children have to pay It’s okay to admit that you’re scared though, How else will you know that it’s time to be strong? Decisions, just like traditions Can be changed When we know that they are wrong. www.fatjade.tumblr.com

FatJade, Nov 16, 2012
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