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  1. Roget's Super Thesaurus

    Marc McCutcheon (Writer's Digest Books | 2010)
    May Cost Dollars - But It's Priceless...
    Everyone who flatters him or herself a writer should own Roget&#039;s Super Thesaurus. I&#039;ve owned it for years and have leaned on it as an invaluable, priceless resource.<br /> <br /> Highly recommended. OWN IT!
  2. The Practice of Poetry

    Robin Behn (William Morrow Paperbacks | 1992)
    Awesome Poetry Resource!
    I&#039;ve had this book for a few years now. This is my #1 goto resource for all things poetics! There are a HUGE assortment of exercise that allow you to get your poetry mojo back so to say. Hopefully in the coming weeks I&#039;ll be posting...
  3. Cooking Bacon Naked

    Stephen A. Chatman (Must Read Books | March 15, 2005)
    5 stars – Exhilarating, Hilarious & Suave
    What a marvelously humorous and witty dialogue Stephen E. Chatman has endowed us with with his newest novel <b><i>Cooking Bacon Naked</i></b>. Throughout the meritorious depths of <b><i>Cooking</i></b> Chatman flaunts his stick-and-move...
  4. Girlz Night Out

    Lucio Dutch (Caramel City Publications | 1st Edition June 22, 2005)
    4 out of 5 Stars - provocative, funny & a pleasurable read!
    This cleverly masked novel, marketed with the tagline <i>“five women plus a temporary fix equals murder”</i> is anything but your average contemporary murder-mystery. <b><span style="text-decoration: underline">Girlz Night Out</span></b> by Lucio...
  5. Secret Society

    Miasha (Touchstone | March 28, 2006)
    5 Stars: A Stunning & Powerful Awe-inspiring Debut
    MIASHA enters the arena of urban literature full-throttle and ready to swing. Her stunning debut novel, SECRET SOCIETY, has left me awe-struck – and quite frankly speechless – at the audacity of its broad reality. Each swipe of MIASHA’S pen sews...
  6. F.R.I.E.N.D.S. & The Choices That We Make

    Valerie A. Withers (SynthiaBPublishing | July 1, 2005)
    4 1/2 stars – Hilarious, Heartfelt & True
    Withers’ novel is a powerful testimonial to the power &amp; beauty of true friendship and a tribute for essence of woman truly blossoming through the turbulent moments of reality. This novel is basically a group of short stories that shares a...
  7. Snap

    Lucio Dutch (Caramel City Publications | June 10, 2006)
    5 Stars: An utterly exhilarating read.
    <i>“Excuse me while I dance, I mean, as I attempt to get down, literary style.”</i><br /> <br /> Such a bold and dramatic first line begins the saga that is <b>SNAP</b>, LUCIO DUTCH’S most compelling novel to date. DUTCH’S literary effect is...
  8. Tinsie's Story: A Quilt's Reflections

    Benny & Patty Morton (PublishAmerica | May 23, 2005)
    4 stars – Novel ideas & excellent presentation.
    YAY! I finally finished the review for Tinsie&#039;s Story - Both BENNY &amp; PATTY are JPiC Members and I was excited about getting the novel! It came signed and exquisitely packaged - now the book is kinda beat up and has folded pages from me...